What is Aptcare P ?

Aptcare is the new standard of an integrated healthcare platform - the new choice of doctors and clinics. The Aptcare platform is a collection of powerful mobile apps and full blown web applications for multiple actors like patients, doctors with solo practices and clinics, blended into an unified experience for all stakeholders.

The Advantages

Cloud Based
Easy to Adopt

Are you a Solo Practitioner ?

As a solo practitioner you can manage your calendar, patient appointments and patient encounters both from a full blown web application and an intuitive mobile app.

Are you a Clinic Owner ?

As a clinic owner you can do everything that a solo practitioner does plus have the ability to add more doctors across multiple facilities based on your subscription plan.

  • Check your appointments

    Manage your calendar and patient appointments on the go or at your chamber

  • Manage patient encounters

    Document your patient encounters for quick reference during future encounters

  • Manage medical records

    Manage detailed medical records

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